Natural beaut tips!

    Every woman or girl want to be beautful and attractive, to be beautful and attractive need a lot of work. There are small thing which some time can take your whole hard work into NOTHING like pimples, milia, dark underarm skin ETC. If us “girls ” want to maintain our beauty, we need to consider every little thing.
    I have been thinking and researching how to lightening underarm skin. The causes of dark underarm skin are the use of deodorant and the way of shaving . So I have come up with the tips how to lighting underarm skin naturally as follows:
1. Place patato slices under your arm twice per day.
2. The use of lemon joice 15 minutes per day.
3. Remove underarm hair by waxing.
4. Exfoliate with brown sugar, lemon juice and coconut oil or olive oil.
5. Papaya scrub 20 minutes per day. Cucumber slices twice per week.
6. Orange dry peels.
     So these are some of tips that can help to lightening your underarm skin.
  REMEMBER: choose one among of above tips and do it at least twice per week.

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