Hey guys. I am a teacher but I love fashion and beauty. Last year I decided to learn how to make my own clothes, female clothes. I made this decision because I wanted to design my own clothes. It was not easy thing to learn but I come up with three thing which will help you make this decision like mine.
Passion if you want to know how to make clothes first you have to have a passion of doing it. As I said above learning how to make clothes is not easy but it can be easy and fun if you have a passion of doing it. It took me two months to do it but other took one year to learn to do it
• Pattern making. You can not make a cloth without making patterns of you fabric, it all about measuring you body and put those measurement on fabric to get different pieces . Here you have to ask someone to teach you how to measure you body or you can just go for online lessons.
• Sewing. After you put you measurement on your fabric and have small pieces then you have to join them by sew them by using sewing machine. There are two type of sewing machine, electronic sewing machine and non electronic one. I have non electronic one due to the cost and different reasons

Thank you for reading


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