Life is short and precious, Time running very fast. Every time we come closer to death. It can fall at any moment without any notice. “West your money and you will be out of money, but, west your time and have lost a part of your life.” ALWAYS BE BUSY IN SOME USEFUL THINGS.


7 Comments on “Don’t west your time!!!!!

  1. When I read this article, these questions popped out of my mind; are we Africans carefully enough to observe time? Aren’t we organize our stuff in hit-and-mis situationi? I think which you speak is true. In life, I have discovered that, time is very important for we are growing older and powerless with time. We are not suppose to waste our time in an unnatural way but waste it naturally – we can’t stop arrows of the clock! They say, time the time before time times you. Sometimes, there are some people who don’t observe time yet they are good at all in anyhow – don’t know! Sometimes, I think there is a super extraordinary power beyond us which controls us for our success or failure accordingly only if we believe in life not only time matters – I don’t know! I equally agree with when they say, “time is money” for the importance of time is static. Let’s work it out,my people. Thanks, it is a good piece of advice though.


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