4 things I learn about blogging

  • it is not easy as it seems. Many people think blogging is just a joke, but in reality it is not. It is big job as other jobs. When I see the biggest and successful blogs, yes I feel jealous but at the same time I real real  know they did a great and hard work to be where they are.
  • Blogging need more time. Great blog contents is the key in blogging. You need your viewer to like and comment on it. it need more time to write, reread, edit and then to post the new post.
  • Follow, comment and  like  rule is the great way to get more followers and visitors on you blog.this will help other people to notice your blog and to start viewing and follow it.
  • Be active. It is important to be active and respond to comments on your blog. post many post as you can, this will help your blog to grow quickly 

32 Comments on “4 things I learn about blogging

  1. Four very good points indeed. A blog has to be managed and nurtured, or it will fade away. Thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. thank you for reading my blog. i do agree with you — blogging is hard work by itself! lets not be disheartened though. lets pick each other’s up =)
    looking forward to a great friendship via wordpress!

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  3. I remember when I started my new blog,it was seem kinda hard to get started,as we know the beginning is hard.So I thought myself to put it there and I took my chances for real…Now I’m blogging without making money because I use a free WordPress site to post as many contents as I can to get more visitors.After all I will choose Premium plan in order to make money…Now,then my blog everyday gets many visitors…

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    • I got what you have said, Guda Guda, do you mean in free blog in free word press site you cannot make money? What about the money you earn and that which you pay for premium plan, are they balanced? I doubt that you can pay much and earn less! I want too to be your bloggers visitor; you can share the link here; otherwise, keep it up, I’m on your back bro. strutting like chameleon, lol.

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  4. I think they deserve to be called 4 rules of blogging. I have learnt something, but I don’t know which is the best among these four!


  5. [ Smiles ] Google favours blogs that are updated regularly.

    Also, content creation can be very time-consuming.

    Although I am good at writing, it takes me a very long period to find the most appropriate pictures for my blog posts.

    And, I agree, that we should always make it a priority to respond to the comments on our blog.

    Personally, I hate it when people do not respond to my comments.

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    • Haha, dont worry bro, even a baobab tree begun as a sprout. Just think about how you can entice while jigging for fishes to bite your hooked baits to fish us out of the might ocean and throw us in your busket! Keep on jigging with your fishing line, I believe at the end of the day, you will catch fishes, I’m there to be caught too.

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