how to make people comment on your blog posts.

  • Write an interesting heading for your posts. headings are eye catcher and attention maker for all people who decided to read your blog or website. An interesting heading, Make people to be interested on read your post and comment on it. you can create your heading in many ways like, in form of question and  how to ….. heading. Many posts with these heading form tend to get more comments
  • Be up to dated. Post about current issues, that many people are interesting with , like, breaking news, book reviewing, product reviewing, blog tips etc. people will leave a comments.
  • Learn from other successful blogs. Blogging is about to be creative, learning new ideas every day and share it with other people. Through learning from other successful blogs your will get ideas and tips on how to make your blog successful too. i.e to have many followers, viewers, visitors and COMMENTS.
  • make people to come back on your blog to comment. I HATE when I use my valuable time to comment on a post with no responds. At least what you can do is say  “THANK YOU”, or compliment  them, connect with them. make them to be more interested to chart with you and see you as a friend.

                                   THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY


23 Comments on “how to make people comment on your blog posts.

  1. These are some helpful tips.
    Another tip is to leave a question for your followers to think about at the end of your blog.
    Write a blog on something unique like your deepest thoughts since everybody thoughts are unique.
    Thoughts are powerful and people want to read something powerful

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  2. Hello Ms. Matanji.
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. When I write on people’s blogs I always hope they respond. I don’t dare to ask them to reply. I just answer and leave messages around. I like your blog. Have a great day.

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  3. I find interested in your two posts about blogs, thank you very much. I think I will use the same strategies and techniques anyways to make my blog stands out.


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