How does google adsenses work?



Hi guys. I have been trying to connect google AdSense with my site so as I can get advertisement on my site but it is not working.

I didn’t the following steps,

  1. I signed up for google AdSense accont
  2. I got the first code .

Now the problem is, I don’t know where to put this code so as to connect my site with AdSense. I tried looking up on google and youtube it seems like I have to use plug in to connect my site to my google AdSense account . when I did that the plug in is on business domain.  So my questions are,

  1. Is it possible to get google AdSense on a free wordpress website Or I have to have business domain to get it?
  2.  if it is possible, how can I do it? because google ads, they didn’t approval my site        because I didn’t connect my site by using the code.                                                                                                   Help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. You can also get approved for adsense of you have a you tube channel. But I tried to add adsense to my free WordPress. The code do not show up correct.


  3. To make google adsense work in your site you need to upgrade you blog to Premium,as you know nothing is free in market…Go ahead,upgrade your wordpress blog to premium to get the most of it…

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  5. Hi, I have asked to the support person about the adsense because I had the same problem with you before. They said that it couldn’t connected WordPress and Adsense. But they have Wordads instead. I used the Wordads then. 😊

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