Hi guys. I hope you are doing great. First of all  I would like  to say THANK YOU for visiting and reading my blog posts.To day I would like to discus about stress.

life is complicated with  full of pressure or worry caused by problems in somebody’s life which are known as stress. things can easily go wrong when people are under stress. here are some tips on how to overcome stress in life

  • Talk to someone; Talking to someone can help either by distracting you from you stressful thought or releasing some tension by discussing it.
  • Keep a stress diary; If you don’t have someone to talk to you can keep a stress diary, this will help you to be more aware with what situation causes you to become stress by writing it down so as you can avoid it.
  • Find solution to your problems; This is very helpful in lowering your stress. One technique is to write down your problem and suggest solution to each of it. But it is very importance to consider the effects of each solution.
  • Keep yourself busy; District your self with different excises or find an enjoyable and fun activities.
  • Relax; try to relax with stress reduction techniques

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