Do you have to be a good writer, to be a successful blogger?


This is a question that has been buzzing me these days and to be frankly honey it kind of pulling me back.  I  know, I am not a good writer, by the way I used to hate writing even though my writing passion is improving now. Does this mean I will never be successful as a blogger?



13 Comments on “Do you have to be a good writer, to be a successful blogger?

  1. A good blogger is a good communicator of ideas who gain response.
    You certainly seem to do this very well. Thank you for following me.
    I am now doing the same. Good to meet you. Chris.

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    • thank you very much chris. It means a lot to hear that . i am trying to do the best. looking forward to read you post more


  2. Enjoy what you do! don’t get judged on your writing skills… have solid ideas, portray them… Your ideas speak… writing is just a medium!
    Get going… All the best!

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  3. I think with practice comes more confidence in writing, but there’s a lot more to being a successful blogger than skill at writing. It’s about engaging, finding interesting topics, choosing images and things to share, being genuine and thoughtful, garnering a little community around your blog. So no, I don’t think that you should worry!! You can rock your blog, don’t let worries about your writing hold you back! x

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  4. Nobody is a good writer at start, maybe a bit more talented. But without practice, you throw your talent in the trashbin.
    And if you like blogging, the skills will be improved 🙂

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  5. Trust yourself.As long as you enjoy what you do,keep doing it.If you love writing,then write.No one is perfect but we can all strive to be better.I am in the same shoes,but honestly,lol,I choose to continue pursuing what I like.Just enjoy.Best regards.

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