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My blog plans for this month (I think you should do too)

hellow, how are you guys?. i am doing fine. i jus want to share with you my blog plans for this month and …,

first i just want to tell you a little bite about my blog background. i started this blog like 3 years age, but i real real get into it last may, so it make like a year since i started to be serious about this. the first 6 months was so good, i got a lot of followers and traffic, but the past 5 months was rough.


I  monetized my blog, by sign up in different affilite programs like cj affiliate program. it is a very great program, sign up for free here which is a good thing, but doing so I concetrated more on learning bout how I can moke money than on a blog itself, on the way I got lost complitily.

Now L kind og work up, and focus. so i come up with a plan. I hope it will work, i will give you guys a report how it went by the end of this month.



I will be posting frequently. because I have been out for a while, now I feel like I have the energy to create atleast one post for a day. It is very important to post frequently on your blog because it is one of the way to increase a traffict on your blog. when you post your follower are notified and check the post,  the more you post the more you increase the traffic on your blog

I want to try to be more resorceful. As I said I want to concetrate on blogging only, I want to be very resorceful, helpful and solution to new bloggers so as to be successful. I don’t say that I am a seccussful blogger, NO, but i have been in the situation. Also my biggest reason to blog about blogging is to learn more about blogging, i found this will be a good way to write about it and learn on the way

I want to creat a email list. all successful blogger have they so called an email list. It is very important, it will help me to create and send personal email. I had one before but i did’nt pay then…Because I need to increase a massive traffic and earn some money, I want to have this again. To learn more about email list click here

I want to try different tools. there are many tools which are very helpful in a blog, in costomize and in generete a selling contents. to learn about this click here

that’s all guys you can try out too some of these

keep catching up 




Professional I am a secondary teacher. But I am obsess with fashion. I like shopping, clothes and new style.

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