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4 reasons why you should reading other bloggers posts.

Hi guys. I have come up with this post. I didn’t research on this one but I am writing this from my personal experience. A blogger should spend time on a blog. If you want to make it you have to. There is many things to do in it, one of them is to read other blogs that you follow.


  • To get new ideas. In order to write you need to read. Blogging is all about writing and sharing. You have to have new ideas every day. It doesn’t matter if you arr a photographer blogger or a fashion and beauty blogger, you need a new ideas everyday too. A good place to get it either in a books, and online that is in blogger’s articles.
  • To find an inspiration. Blogging is hard, I swear it is. It is not easy as it seems. a little bit of insperation is needed. Your can find an amazing and successful blogs (among of those you followed or out there) which amazing article which can inspire you in to keep going.
  • Many bloggers have good stuffs on their blog posts. Many blogger joined affiliate programs (click here to join for free) , even if they want to make money through their blogs, but trust me you can find amazing things. Like I have been trying to have a self hosting site, I don’t remember in which article I got this but I have a hosting which I pay 1.99 per month for like the past 6 months (it was on special offer). Is that not great? If your interested Click here.
  • It’s a good place to learn. Learn is non stop situation. No one knows everything. We all learn everything. This apply in blogging too, learn through other bloggers on their posts. You can learn by what they are saying or by looking what they are doing. How the post is organized, what blog tools their using like click here. Etc

I like reading

should too

It is very important

Especially in this industry

Thank you

Keep catching up….




Professional I am a secondary teacher. But I am obsess with fashion. I like shopping, clothes and new style.

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