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Why you should spend a little bit of time on your blog?

Hi guys. I got this question from my friend. I have been spending a lot of time on my blog nowadays, she was like why?. People things on a blog you just have to post then your done. Wait a second honey that is not true.

Here are the reasons why you should spend a time on your blog

  1. To create contents. That is to create a blog post. You need a time to create a quality contents on your blog, atleast an hour. To write, edit, find great pictures for you post, some time to insert a affiliate link on it and the to share. So time is needed
  2. To reply comments. I hate when I comment on a blog post, then no reply. A good blogger interact with his/her viewers, it is kind of showing your apreciation for their support. Also you reply count on a how many comment you have per that day
  3. To read. As I mentioned on my previous post, us bloggers need need Ideas every day. One of the way which you can get it, is by reading. You have to spend time to read other blogs articles. To see What is newvout there etc
  4. To work on your traffic. To have traffic in your site you need to work on it. Yeah to have a self hosting helps( if you don’t have it click here cheaply). But you have to find people to come on you blog. In other words to make peolpe to notice you by commenting on other people post and even like their posts.


Professional I am a secondary teacher. But I am obsess with fashion. I like shopping, clothes and new style.

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