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My blog short comes(blog improvements)

Hi guys.

First I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for visiting and reading my posts. For the past two days my traffic is booming. I am so happy for that

Even if my traffic is booming I feel like I have some issues in my blog I wish I can improve them but I can’t.

These are only two things which I feel like my short comes (feel free to add more on the comment below)

  1. Most of the time, I don’t use my own pictures. You guys are witness on this. Because I am blogging about blogging most of the time I am using free pictures of computers that I found online. Why, it is because I don’t have a camera that will make quality pictures.
  2. Language. English is my third language. I feel some time I am using wrong grammars. I wish I could have someone to correct me, but I don’t have one.

So what do you guys thing

Please be honest

I want to change things here.

Help me

Keep catching up….




Professional I am a secondary teacher. But I am obsess with fashion. I like shopping, clothes and new style.

8 thoughts on “My blog short comes(blog improvements)

  1. To be honest, I think you are doing great! We all tend to make little mistakes but I guess its okay! Just keep up the good work and you will see improvements over time. Don’t worry! People love your blog. 💜

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