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Blogging tips for new bloggers

Hi guys. I have been blogging for a while, now honestly at the beginning it was very very very difficult because I didn’t know anything about blogging.  I know there are new bloggers out there who are experiencing the same problem

Here are tips for a new bloggers:

  • Pick your niche. Niche means the topic that you are going to write about on your blog.  Many bloggers are suggesting to pick single niche and stick on it, if you can do that it’s great, But I don’t think that is necessary. You have to write what your passionate about and not what people say… if you want your blog to have multiple topics do so
  • Be yourself: after picking your nechi do your thing. Be you don’t try to be someone else.  It is not bad to what to be like someone ..   But don’t imitate. Be yourself and be unique.
  • Find isparation. Believe me or not blogging is not easy as it seems. You have to have something that, when you look at it, it keeps you to want to write more. It can be a person, a book, a blog and social networks.
  • Connect your website with social networks.Social networks like facebook, twitter etc are very important in bringing traffic on youb blog.learn how you can connect your blog with social networks 
  • Read and reply to comments. It is very important to reply comment to your readers. It shows love and make them to come back to your posts
  • use images on your posts. Images are important like words.  Images are visual that people like to see. Use images which are relevant to your post
  • Be organized . Organize your blog. Create a simple schedule which will be your guide. Creete an amazing posts for your blog. Take time to choose what to post. 
  • Enjoy.  Yeah enjoy.  I mean have fun. Even if you like to write so much, just know to say “it’s enough” . Take few hours or days off. 

Thank you for reading my post….. 



Professional I am a secondary teacher. But I am obsess with fashion. I like shopping, clothes and new style.

10 thoughts on “Blogging tips for new bloggers

  1. Hi thank you for coming by my blog the other day and visiting many of my articles. You mentioned in your post you are a new blogger. I help new bloggers at my site. If you could take a moment to sign up for my blog, I would be happy to answer whatever questions you have.
    Cheers Janice

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  2. This is very welcome advice. In the past, I did not need to have a particular focus for my blog, and I just shared whatever seemed interesting to me at that moment. Perhaps that was a stronger and better time of blogging. Now, however, I have a book that I wanted to promote, and I was trying to use the blog for that, but the words were not forthcoming. This is not a book of fiction or another popular genre, but a nonfiction book about physically challenged fiber artists. Although I worked with these women for more than 10 years, I found it extremely difficult to find new and interesting things about them to tell, and then I began to doubt the validity of the book itself. So stepping out into a new arena that is needed but doesn’t come straight from the soul somehow (each of these women wrote their own stories so it is their souls, not mine that are doing the talking). I could capture something of each woman, but then I wonder if people would be drawn to read the book. It is a tough challenge for me for certain.

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