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I am so happy, so happy

I have been stack on 400s followed for so long, finally uh-huh

Thank you for following my blog, it means lot to me

I don’t know what to say…

I promise you, you will never regret to follow my blog

Keep catching up…


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5 Reasons why bloggers fail

Hi guys, how are you doing?. I like blogging, it is among of my favorite thing to do (I am not a full-time blogger).


because it is one of the way to improve my writing skills and I am passionate to share and make new friends every day, blogging is one the way which I can do so.

As many of my previous blogs fail. I wondered why so, and I stared to research and come up with this conclusion ……

5 Reasons why bloggers fail

  1. Fail to create quality contents .most of bloggers do not creative quality contents.Try to create an original content which you did a research on it. Quality contents keeps your views to come back on your blog
  2. Poor blog posts promation.writting the post is one thing and promoting it is another thing. To write quality post only it is not enough. The main goal of blogging is to share your ideas with people out there. It is your job to make people to come and read your post. Failure to do so, it is the end of you blog unless you write it for yourself.
  3. To write on niches which they don’t have experience with. Believe me or not it is very easy to write on something which you know about than which you don’t have idea with. To be successful in this industry just start a blog which you can talk about it every day.
  4. They put money first before their blogs. It is not bad thing to put money first, but in this case these two things have to go together. If you are working on how to make money only without thinking how to grow your blog like how you can increase your traffic is the west of time. At the end of the day you will lose interest on blogging then your blog will fail
  5. To own multiple blogs. It is very bad idea to own more than one blog. I had this problem before. What you have to do is to own just one blog put all your infort in it and you will succeed

Last thought

I didn’t want to put this on point up there, but if you want to succeed on blogging you have to be serious

Don’t be afraid to put a little money in it like paying for self hosting, Self hosting suggestionsblogging tool which can improve you traffic Etc



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Let’s Talk About Content Upgrades — Successful Blogging

Welcome to the 2nd of three blog posts in the List Building Series. If you didn’t catch the first post in the series, click over and read it now. “Why List Building Needs To Be Your #1 Priority”. Another great way to grow your list is with content upgrades. Content upgrades are in-content lead magnets…Read…

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Blogging tips for new bloggers

Hi guys. I have been blogging for a while, now honestly at the beginning it was very very very difficult because I didn’t know anything about blogging.  I know there are new bloggers out there who are experiencing the same problem

Here are tips for a new bloggers:

  • Pick your niche. Niche means the topic that you are going to write about on your blog.  Many bloggers are suggesting to pick single niche and stick on it, if you can do that it’s great, But I don’t think that is necessary. You have to write what your passionate about and not what people say… if you want your blog to have multiple topics do so
  • Be yourself: after picking your nechi do your thing. Be you don’t try to be someone else.  It is not bad to what to be like someone ..   But don’t imitate. Be yourself and be unique.
  • Find isparation. Believe me or not blogging is not easy as it seems. You have to have something that, when you look at it, it keeps you to want to write more. It can be a person, a book, a blog and social networks.
  • Connect your website with social networks.Social networks like facebook, twitter etc are very important in bringing traffic on youb blog.learn how you can connect your blog with social networks 
  • Read and reply to comments. It is very important to reply comment to your readers. It shows love and make them to come back to your posts
  • use images on your posts. Images are important like words.  Images are visual that people like to see. Use images which are relevant to your post
  • Be organized . Organize your blog. Create a simple schedule which will be your guide. Creete an amazing posts for your blog. Take time to choose what to post. 
  • Enjoy.  Yeah enjoy.  I mean have fun. Even if you like to write so much, just know to say “it’s enough” . Take few hours or days off. 

Thank you for reading my post….. 

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My blog short comes(blog improvements)

Hi guys.

First I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for visiting and reading my posts. For the past two days my traffic is booming. I am so happy for that

Even if my traffic is booming I feel like I have some issues in my blog I wish I can improve them but I can’t.

These are only two things which I feel like my short comes (feel free to add more on the comment below)

  1. Most of the time, I don’t use my own pictures. You guys are witness on this. Because I am blogging about blogging most of the time I am using free pictures of computers that I found online. Why, it is because I don’t have a camera that will make quality pictures.
  2. Language. English is my third language. I feel some time I am using wrong grammars. I wish I could have someone to correct me, but I don’t have one.

So what do you guys thing

Please be honest

I want to change things here.

Help me

Keep catching up….


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Why you should spend a little bit of time on your blog?

Hi guys. I got this question from my friend. I have been spending a lot of time on my blog nowadays, she was like why?. People things on a blog you just have to post then your done. Wait a second honey that is not true.

Here are the reasons why you should spend a time on your blog

  1. To create contents. That is to create a blog post. You need a time to create a quality contents on your blog, atleast an hour. To write, edit, find great pictures for you post, some time to insert a affiliate link on it and the to share. So time is needed
  2. To reply comments. I hate when I comment on a blog post, then no reply. A good blogger interact with his/her viewers, it is kind of showing your apreciation for their support. Also you reply count on a how many comment you have per that day
  3. To read. As I mentioned on my previous post, us bloggers need need Ideas every day. One of the way which you can get it, is by reading. You have to spend time to read other blogs articles. To see What is newvout there etc
  4. To work on your traffic. To have traffic in your site you need to work on it. Yeah to have a self hosting helps( if you don’t have it click here cheaply). But you have to find people to come on you blog. In other words to make peolpe to notice you by commenting on other people post and even like their posts.
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4 reasons why you should reading other bloggers posts.

Hi guys. I have come up with this post. I didn’t research on this one but I am writing this from my personal experience. A blogger should spend time on a blog. If you want to make it you have to. There is many things to do in it, one of them is to read other blogs that you follow.


  • To get new ideas. In order to write you need to read. Blogging is all about writing and sharing. You have to have new ideas every day. It doesn’t matter if you arr a photographer blogger or a fashion and beauty blogger, you need a new ideas everyday too. A good place to get it either in a books, and online that is in blogger’s articles.
  • To find an inspiration. Blogging is hard, I swear it is. It is not easy as it seems. a little bit of insperation is needed. Your can find an amazing and successful blogs (among of those you followed or out there) which amazing article which can inspire you in to keep going.
  • Many bloggers have good stuffs on their blog posts. Many blogger joined affiliate programs (click here to join for free) , even if they want to make money through their blogs, but trust me you can find amazing things. Like I have been trying to have a self hosting site, I don’t remember in which article I got this but I have a hosting which I pay 1.99 per month for like the past 6 months (it was on special offer). Is that not great? If your interested Click here.
  • It’s a good place to learn. Learn is non stop situation. No one knows everything. We all learn everything. This apply in blogging too, learn through other bloggers on their posts. You can learn by what they are saying or by looking what they are doing. How the post is organized, what blog tools their using like click here. Etc

I like reading

should too

It is very important

Especially in this industry

Thank you

Keep catching up….