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why women should wear a lipstick?

I think all women should wear a lipstick. Because it makes women feel good. when you look good you feel good, this will boost your confidence.

theBalm Girls Lipstick

theBalm Girls Lipstick

Also lipstick  gives  women the attention that all women need in the world

Youngblood Lipstick

last lipsticks makes women strong and powerful,

wha to do is to Choose the right shade
– If you have dark hair and pale skin… choose a blue-based red.
– If you’re blonde… opt for an orange-based shade.
– If you’re of a mature age… try a red with a pink base.

Youngblood Hydrating Lip Creme SPF 15



The power of black and white fabric

Hi guys. I am among of many people who likes to wear white and black piece of clothes plus other bright color.

It always ssays the statement I want.

  • Black and white with red is my favorite
  • Back and white with pink I wear it when I am trying to be girly
  • Black and white with blue I wear it when I want people to notice me
  • Black and white with green I wear it when I am trying to be cool
  • Then black and white with yellow. Speechless

NB: Be careful with the color of the shoes which you will wear with.

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Red lipstick rock

 hey guys I just want to tell you that I am in love with this  sho’dol matte liquid lipstick. It is fabulous and for now I can say it is my favorite. 

Why it is my favorite

1. When you apply it it looks good without even lip liner

2.It is long last

3. Affordable

4.It gives me easy look

Go and try it. Or if the is any other suggest please just tell me