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5 Things to Ask Yourself Before You Invest Money into Your Blog (3 min read) — Millionaire’s Digest Magazine

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Donatella Petitti Founder & Owner of: Ciao Donatella Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Blogging and Successful Living Writer In life, as much as it pains us, sometimes you have to invest some money before you can get lots of money out of things. That same rule goes for blogging. A more customizable […]

via 5 Things to Ask Yourself Before You Invest Money into Your Blog (3 min read) — Millionaire’s Digest Magazine


blogging mistakes I have made( new bloggernever make these)


I started this blog two years ago, I didn’t know how this works, For the past one year and seven months I just had 3 followers. Until May 2017 I started to do more research and fingering out how to drive more traffic on my blog. now I have over 300 followers, which means I made over 300 follower for five months.

I realised what I did wrong and I would like to share it with you guys so that,  new blogger to never make them like I did. Here are some mistakes I made (you have to do the opposite).

  • I didn’t use headers on my post..
  • I was not answering  my comments.
  • I didn’t use images on my post.
  • I didn’t connect my blog with social medias.
  • I was not following other blog.
  • I was not reading other people’s  posts and books,
  • no researching .
  • I didn’t know what I want to write on my blog.
  • I was so shy to tell my friend to visit my blog .
  • I was not using the right tag

In the future posts I will try on my level best to explain  one by one of these mistakes.



heading is a title or topic of you posts. Heading is what motivate people to read what you have written below. Heading is just like viewers, Followers and visitors eye catcher so It is very important to COME UP with great headings so that to have many people interesting on reading what you have written. For now I just come up with two ways to come up with an interesting heading
1. Searching for  different ideas. search on google.  Look for what other successful blogger writing. For example millionaire’s digest is my favorable one it have amazing headings and very helpful one. This will help you to think deeply what to write and they can be your inspiration and finally come up with interesting heading
2. Turn other people’s comment into a heading. This sound silly but you guys it is working. I am not talking about your comments only but even comments on other people’s posts. When people comments on other people’s posts they always write very interesting ideas. Like the heading above I saw the comment on the post that “great heading” so it made me thinking how to come up with great heading.

That is all for now looking forward to come up with many ideas on this

Thank you for reading