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My blog plans for this month (I think you should do too)

hellow, how are you guys?. i am doing fine. i jus want to share with you my blog plans for this month and …,

first i just want to tell you a little bite about my blog background. i started this blog like 3 years age, but i real real get into it last may, so it make like a year since i started to be serious about this. the first 6 months was so good, i got a lot of followers and traffic, but the past 5 months was rough.


I  monetized my blog, by sign up in different affilite programs like cj affiliate program. it is a very great program, sign up for free here which is a good thing, but doing so I concetrated more on learning bout how I can moke money than on a blog itself, on the way I got lost complitily.

Now L kind og work up, and focus. so i come up with a plan. I hope it will work, i will give you guys a report how it went by the end of this month.



I will be posting frequently. because I have been out for a while, now I feel like I have the energy to create atleast one post for a day. It is very important to post frequently on your blog because it is one of the way to increase a traffict on your blog. when you post your follower are notified and check the post,  the more you post the more you increase the traffic on your blog

I want to try to be more resorceful. As I said I want to concetrate on blogging only, I want to be very resorceful, helpful and solution to new bloggers so as to be successful. I don’t say that I am a seccussful blogger, NO, but i have been in the situation. Also my biggest reason to blog about blogging is to learn more about blogging, i found this will be a good way to write about it and learn on the way

I want to creat a email list. all successful blogger have they so called an email list. It is very important, it will help me to create and send personal email. I had one before but i did’nt pay then…Because I need to increase a massive traffic and earn some money, I want to have this again. To learn more about email list click here

I want to try different tools. there are many tools which are very helpful in a blog, in costomize and in generete a selling contents. to learn about this click here

that’s all guys you can try out too some of these

keep catching up 


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Hi guys, how are you doing. As I mention on my previous post that my blog will be only about blogging tips and tricks. So late get in itAs the tittle above says, I want to give you simple tips on how you can create a blog post in less that an hourFirst is first…
I can’t lay, it is not easy to creat a blog post (blogging is not easy that it seems). But to be totally honestly I always crating my posts in a less than an hour. Sometime.After your work hard, invest a little on your blog, like pay for your blog host. If you don’t have a website host click here to get host quiclly and easily , you have to enjoy blogging not having a hard time especially in creating your blogging posts.


  1. Do some research. Research is very important when you want to create a blog post. By doing research you can get a lot of information that can help you when creating a blog post
  2. Write your post direct In blog. Yeah yeah you can say It, I am lazy, but let me tell you something, it is very easy to create a post directly in a blog than write it in other writing programs then transfer it to a blog. I like doing this because I can preview my post even if it is not finished By previewing it I can find writing errors easily.
  3. Write the topics which you know about. If you choose a topic which you don’t have a knowledge about, it it will take your days and days to create a post on it. Writing about things which you know can avoid the west of time
  4. Create a post skeleton. to create a blog post faster your have to have a skeleton first, I mean points, then work back to fill them
  5. Give yourself a 100% attention while creating a post. Turn off all social networks, emails,tv etc. stay away from any distractions and concentrate on writing your post
  6. Go straight to the point. I have seen a lot of posts which are just go around and around(it is boring).. What you need to know is who you arewriting to (target audience) then go strait to the point, keep it simple, clear and understandable
  7. Use a common language. Most of bloggers use a day to day language. Don’t try to show off and use hard vocabularies. It is a west of time and your reader will need a dictionary while reading your post (just saying)
  8. Stay focused. A lot of time when we write, many ideas can pop up. You can feel like you want to change this or that. Suddenly you have spend many hours on just a simple post.avoid this. Stay focused, outline you blog post and stay on that outline
  9. Identify your ending. In other word your conclusion. This is very helpful because knowing what is a conclusion of your post can give you a writing goal in your mind. Also it can help to connect your thoughts
  10. Read it out loudly. I swear this is vey good in quick editing. When you read it loudly, you can find spelling and grammar errors (don’t check my grammar please. english is my third language)

I hope these are very helpful

keep catching uppp….

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Finally I…

Hi guys I finally made up my mind and decided that….

My blog now will be on blogging tips and tricks. I will be giving you guys helpful hints on how to be a successful blogger.

Why. .

The reason is that I have been struggling a lot as a blogger, on the way I found great tips especially to a new bloggers which will help them to be successful on their blogs

Another reason is that in real life I am a teacher. I think(not sure) because of my professional, I am very qualify to deliver helpful material to new bloggers out there.

What will it be like on this blog now?

a lot about blogging like online videos on blogging, my personal experience on blogging etc

So ….

Keep catching up.

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How To Build A Good Website To Make Money Online? — Blogging Tips And Tricks

When it comes to having an online business, it is important that you make a good website to go with it. This is important regardless of the type of business that you plan to have, as if you do not have a good website, people will not bother to return to do business with you,…

via How To Build A Good Website To Make Money Online? — Blogging Tips And Tricks

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how to make people comment on your blog posts.

  • Write an interesting heading for your posts. headings are eye catcher and attention maker for all people who decided to read your blog or website. An interesting heading, Make people to be interested on read your post and comment on it. you can create your heading in many ways like, in form of question and  how to ….. heading. Many posts with these heading form tend to get more comments
  • Be up to dated. Post about current issues, that many people are interesting with , like, breaking news, book reviewing, product reviewing, blog tips etc. people will leave a comments.
  • Learn from other successful blogs. Blogging is about to be creative, learning new ideas every day and share it with other people. Through learning from other successful blogs your will get ideas and tips on how to make your blog successful too. i.e to have many followers, viewers, visitors and COMMENTS.
  • make people to come back on your blog to comment. I HATE when I use my valuable time to comment on a post with no responds. At least what you can do is say  “THANK YOU”, or compliment  them, connect with them. make them to be more interested to chart with you and see you as a friend.

                                   THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY

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blogging mistakes I have made( new bloggernever make these)


I started this blog 3 years ago, I didn’t know how this works, For the past 2 year and seven months I just had 3 followers. Until June  2017 I started to do more research and fingering out how to drive more traffic on my blog. now I have over 400 followers, which means I made over 400 follower for 8 months.

I realised what I did wrong and I would like to share it with you guys so that,  new blogger to never make them like I did. Here are some mistakes I made (you have to do the opposite).

  • I didn’t use headers on my post..
  • I was not replying  my comments.
  • I didn’t use images on my post.
  • I didn’t connect my blog with social medias.
  • I was not following other blog.
  • I was not reading other people’s  posts and books,
  • no researching .
  • I didn’t know what I want to write on my blog.
  • I was so shy to tell my friend to visit my blog .
  • I was not using the right tag

In the future posts I will try on my level best to explain  one by one of these mistakes.


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What is my blog about? 

Okay, so to day I would like to talk about my blog. My blog is called catching up with Shania it’s urr is I started this blog 3 years ago without even having any ideas about blogging


What is it about?

My blog is about blogging tips, because I kind of struggled at the beginning it inspected me to help new blogger

Also it is fashion and beauty. Most of clothesand beaut products that I post on my blog are affiliate products(trying to earn few $)

My blog history

As I mentioned above, I started this blog 3 years ago. Why I started it?, I don’t have an Idea,


On June last year 2017 I started to do more research on blogging, then I realized what is blogging world like,

  • Money
  • Fame
  • Friends

Yeah kidding. So from June 2017 I started to get more subscribers, viewers, and visitors on my blog. I remember on the first day I got 10 follower, it was an amazing day

At the end of 2017 I started to monetize my blog by having ads and affiliate marketing


Now what I am trying to do are as following

  • To have more followers
  • Helping new blogger by creating more blog tips and tricks
  • To monetize my blog by promoting some beauty and fashion products

    My biggest fear


    Thank you for passing by…..